Take the stress out of sleep training

A proven, step-by-step gentle sleep training guide to getting your baby sleeping through the night. Long-term.

We give you options and help you choose a sleep training method for your baby. (For 5-24 months.)

Take the stress out of sleep training

A proven, step-by-step gentle sleep training guide to getting your baby sleeping through the night. Long-term.

We give you options and help you choose a sleep training method for your baby. (For 5-24 months.)

21 Days to Peace & Quiet will:

Solve your nighttime troubles

Get your 5-24 month old sleeping through the night on their own in the crib. With or without night feeds. You get to choose.

Simplify your days

Give you a simple daily routine that meets all of your baby’s sleep, play and nutritional needs

Fuel your soul

Help you be the mom you want to be, because you’re getting the rest and downtime you need.

Sleep training, your way.

Imagine if a medical professional, baby sleep consultant (& mom) handed you a simple, step-by-step guide to get your baby sleeping amazingly.

A guide that considers your baby’s age, unique temperament and your parenting style.

A plan that lets you choose the best sleep training method and doesn’t force you into something you’re not comfortable with.

An exact blueprint that your partner, grandparents & the babysitter can easily stick to, giving you the break you deserve.

Imagine That!

My name is Jilly. I’m a nurse, baby sleep consultant, lactation consultant & mom.

And I’ve been exactly where you are, my friend

In 2014, my baby would only  fall asleep by nursing or rocking, then I had to ninja her into the crib.

She’d wake the second her body touched the bed, and I had to do it all over again. This whole process took an hour.

I tried putting her down “drowsy but awake” but she just screamed. Then she would wake up every 1-2 hours, all night long. Sometimes, it took even longer to get her back to sleep during the night.

I’d pull her into my bed (& send my husband to the sofa) when she was hard to settle at 4 am.

She wanted to nurse all night long. Being kicked in the ribs by my co-sleeping baby meant I barely slept.

Then, one November morning I hit the wall. I woke up drained, hopeless and sad. I wanted to enjoy being with my baby, but I just couldn’t. I was too exhausted to feel any happiness.

At that moment, I knew I had to make a choice. I could do nothing and let sleep deprivation steal the joy of my baby’s first year OR I could choose happiness and teach my baby to sleep well. 


I pooled my knowledge as a Neonatal Nurse and Lactation Consultant, and I started slowly. Focusing on one step at a time. Each step extended her sleep stretches. First, a 4 hour stretch. Then 6 hours. Then 8 straight hours of sleep!

As I slept better, my energy came back. My brain fog lifted. And I began to figure out how all the pieces come together to help babies sleep well.

After several weeks of sleeping through the night, I told my husband “I’ve cracked the code!

By implementing my gentle sleep training methods I began helping other sleep-deprived moms and saw first-hand how much baby temperament and energy levels affect sleep habits.

Strong-willed, Energetic, Sensitive, Determined, Clingy, Fussy. No matter the temperament, they all started sleeping through the night. 

Since then as a Baby Sleep Consultant, I’ve personally helped thousands of families get the sleep, energy and happiness they desperately needed.

How it works

Get immediate access

After you join you get immediate access to the online lessons.

You can view these lessons whenever you want, as many times as you need.

You get one year access!

Take the quiz

Take our baby personality quiz and find out how to adapt the lessons to suit your individual baby.

So your baby gets the perfect sleep training plan, made just for them!

Watch the video lessons

Each lesson has short videos and visual guides, that are  super simple and easy to follow.

The lessons show you exactly what you need to do, so your baby can start sleeping through the night.

Step-by-step training

I offer several safe and proven step-by-step gentle sleep training methods, allowing you to pick the one that’s right for your family.

Ask questions

When you have a question post it in our Facebook Support Group and get personalized advice specific to your baby from Jilly and her support team 7 days a week.

Jilly hosts Live Q+A calls on Zoom every Tuesday & Thursday. You can ask her questions live! 

(Not available with the ‘Do It Yourself’ option)

Safe and proven

Created by a Neonatal Nurse, Lactation Consultant and Mom of two amazing sleepers.

Your baby’s safety, development and bond with parents are my TOP priorities. They don’t have to be sacrificed to get good sleep.

Here are your options


No matter where you’re starting from, I can help.

Choose your package below.

Essential Package

  • One Year Access to the Program. 
  • YOU GET:
  • 21 Days to Peace & Quiet. (5-24 months old.) My proven step-by-step sleep training program that gets your baby sleeping through the night.
  • 30 days access to our Facebook Support Group where you get personalized advice by Jilly & her Support Team, 7 days a week. You can ask questions anytime, and we answer them all giving advice specific to your situation.
  • Jilly hosts Live Q+A calls on Zoom every Tuesday & Friday. You can ask her questions live! 
  • When you are committed to the steps, 30 days is plenty of time to get the whole family sleeping great!

DIY Package

Do It Yourself
  • One Year Access to the Program.
  • YOU GET:
  • ♥ 21 Days to Peace & Quiet. (5-24 months old.) My proven step-by-step sleep training program that gets your baby sleeping through the night.
  • ♥  There’s no personal support with this option. But you get all the information you need to get your little one sleeping great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade later? I don't know if I need support right now.

Yes! You can upgrade at any time. Just email us and let us know which package you would like. info (at) babysleepmadesimple.com

I don't want to be in a Facebook Group. Can you give support another way?

Our Facebook Group is NOT what you might be thinking. We are a warm, welcoming and encouraging group of parents who support each other with sleep training. (No trolls or mean people allowed!)

Jilly hosts Live Q+A calls on Zoom every Tuesday and Friday, so you can join her and get your questions answered then. And our Support Team hosts an extra Zoom call every week too. 

Even if you’re not a Facebook fan, I encourage you to sign up (with an alias if you want) or use your partner’s account to access our group. Our Support Team answers questions inside the group 7 days/week. Plus, seeing other parent’s success stories and getting their direct support really works wonders for inspiring and motivating you during sleep training.

At the moment, we’ve found FB groups to be the best way to deliver this type of support. We’d love to have you join us! 

What makes this program different from all the other ones out there?

21 Days to Peace & Quiet truly gives you options.

If you read the fine print of other programs, they typically use one sleep training method for all babies. And it’s usually the Ferber method (where you leave the room and check on your baby periodically.) This method is effective, but only for some children.

In 21 Days to Peace & Quiet I give you 4 different step-by-step gentle sleep training methods and help you pick the best one for your child. There are many ways to teach babies to sleep well. Never feel pressured to use an approach you’re not comfortable with.

Does 21 Days to Peace & Quiet include Cry-It-Out?

This program is different than others because we start with setting up a healthy sleep foundation for your baby. We separate out all the essential steps of sleep training so it’s a gentler and more gradual transition for your baby.

One of my sleep training methods is called “Minimal Tears.” I can’t promise zero tears. (Honestly I don’t think anyone can.) But I can promise to show you how to slow down the method to minimize your baby’s resistance and crying.

Plus, with 3 of the methods you stay with your baby while you show him/her how to sleep well. You don’t ever have to leave the room if you don’t want to.

It’s important to know that you should expect your baby to resist or fuss when making changes to the sleep routine. He or she won’t initially understand what’s going on. But you get to stay with your baby and slow down the process to minimize resistance and crying.

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on your baby’s personality and the method you choose. Our quickest method usually takes 3-5 nights for your little one to sleep through the night. Our “middle of the road” methods take 5-14 nights. And our gentlest, slowest sleep training method takes a few weeks to see big results. This is because we undo one sleep association at a time.

What ages is this program for?

21 Days to Peace & Quiet teaches you how to get your 5-24 month old sleeping in the crib.  As long as your child cannot climb out of the crib, this program will work for you!

I co-sleep with my baby. Will your program help?

21 Days to Peace & Quiet shows you how to get your little one sleeping in the crib. If you currently share a bed with your baby, the program guides you through getting your baby to happily accept sleeping in the crib. 

If you want to continue bed-sharing, I’m sorry but I can’t give specific advice for that. The program focuses on getting babies sleeping in cribs because that’s the safest sleep space. As babies become mobile, they can get into unsafe positions or even roll off the bed! This makes sleeping through the night much more challenging and also is unsafe since we parents are sleeping and therefore can’t supervise our babies.

Having your baby safely contained in a crib will give you so much peace of mind and better rest. I was a bed-sharing mama too and woke all night worried about my baby rolling off the bed.


How can you guarantee that this will work? What if it doesn't?

Great question. As a Baby Sleep Consultant, I’ve spent ten years working with exhausted parents, helping their energetic, intense, sensitive, strong-willed and determined babies sleep through the night. This experience has taught me that sleep training cannot be one-size-fits-all.

I offer 4 different sleep training methods for parents to take (from gentle & gradual to quick & efficient.) My approach is customizable and based on your baby’s personality. Each step of the way you get advice based on your baby’s developmental stage, energy levels, intensity and sensitivity.

Only a small proportion of parents (3%) don’t get the results they want. And when I follow up with them, they tell me it’s because they couldn’t stay consistent with the program or they didn’t agree that sleep training was necessary.  

To put your mind at ease, and because most of us parents have limited resources, I offer a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. There’s no reason to not try it out!

Won't my baby eventually sleep through the night?

By 3-4 years old, most children start sleeping through the night. Some do so earlier. 

My sleep training program, 21 Days to Peace & Quiet, shows you how to get your baby or toddler happily sleeping through the night now, so that you have the energy to keep up with your little one and enjoy all these beautiful, sweet moments.

It Worked For Us!

My 7-month twins were waking every 2-3 hours. I wasn’t the mom I wanted to be because I was so tired. Jilly’s program saved us and got my boys sleeping 12 hours at night.
Becca, Hendrix & Marley

I chose this program because it was the most gentle and baby focused, with tons of support for parents.

It literally worked within days to help my child sleep in her own crib & through the night.

Maria & Aubrey

My 9 month old would only sleep in my arms. Jilly’s personality quiz helped me pick a sleep training method where I could stay with my baby until she fell asleep. It took a few weeks, but was so worth it because she goes to bed with NO fuss for 1.5 years now.
Heidi & Elena