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Get your baby sleeping through the night, in the crib.

Without crying it out.

How to improve your baby's sleep

Get your baby sleeping through the night, in the crib.

Without crying it out.

"It's a miracle! I swore I would never sleep train & thought it wouldn't work for my baby. I'm so happy and impressed."

 – Lauren



Your baby can't fall asleep (or stay asleep) without your help.

The exhaustion is killing you.

There's nothing more frustrating than your baby waking up every 2 hours at night, and feeling like a failure because you don't know what to do to help them sleep better.

Maybe you've tried white noise, watching awake windows, or putting them down "drowsy but awake".

And yet, it's not working.

How do you know who to trust or what to do? You can’t waste money on a sleep training program that doesn’t work. And you feel selfish and guilty for wanting to sleep train so you can get a good night’s sleep. 

You're not alone.

The truth is that sleep training is a game changer. It will get your baby happily sleeping in the crib. It will also create a predictable daily routine you can plan your day around. It takes parenting to a whole new level!

The problem? Figuring out who to trust when Google and Instagram are saturated with baby sleep "experts." You know you’ll be a happier parent when you get some solid sleep, but you're nervous about letting your baby cry to achieve this.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?


"We finally have peace in our home and I don't dread going to bed at night anymore."

 – Savannah K.

Hi, I'm Jilly

And I want to help you & your baby get the sleep you deserve.

Since becoming a baby sleep consultant in 2015, my programs have helped over 60,000 families get their babies sleeping through the night and taking great naps. Over one million people visit my website each year for my simple and effective sleep advice. 

It didn’t come naturally for me, though. I struggled for months trying to get my baby to fall asleep (& stay asleep) without my help. “Drowsy, but awake” only led to screaming.

So I pooled my knowledge as a Neonatal Nurse and Lactation Consultant, and created a unique approach to get my baby sleeping independently without sacrificing breastfeeding. In less than two weeks, she was on a consistent routine and sleeping through the night.

That’s exactly what ‘21 Days to Peace & Quiet’ is all about. It’s my proven, customizable sleep training method that’s worked for thousands of families across the globe. It will work for you, too.

"I was skeptical. I didn’t think my baby would ever fall asleep without my help. But now she goes to sleep with NO tears and sleeps 12 hours at night. It really does work!"

 – Camilla M.


Imagine having a baby that goes into the crib awake and happily falls asleep on their own.

Then sleeps all night long.

Here's what that would look like....

  • Stress-free bedtime. Your baby falls asleep in the crib without a struggle.
  • Peaceful evenings. You get some downtime- Netflix, reading, connecting with your partner... the options are endless!
  • Quiet nights. Your head hits the pillow and you feel relieved knowing you'll get a good night's sleep- like you do every night.
  • Predictable daily routine. You know when your baby will nap, eat and play- so you can easily plan your days.
  • Consistent sleep schedule. That doesn't get thrown off by sickness, sleep regressions or travel.
  • Time off. Other caregivers can easily get your baby to sleep, so you can meet up with friends and have date nights!

"What a transformation! My 6 month old now goes to bed calmly and falls asleep by herself with no crying. It's a Godsend how easily I can put my baby to bed."

 – Karen T.



The online sleep training program that will get your baby sleeping through the night.

It's breastfeeding-friendly, gentle & customizable.

"Jilly's program works wonders. Within 10 days my 7 month old was sleeping independently. He's 2 years old now and still sleeps great!"

 – Linor O.

From waking every 30 minutes to sleeping 12 hours straight!

Hear what our happy mamas have to say.

Ande R.

"The program is incredibly customizable. It’s not a cookie-cutter program, it gives you options to choose which sleep training method you want- which I loved!"

Thuy H.

"I had no family support and I’m a first-time mom. My daughter now sleeps 12 hours at night. She’s slept through all the sleep regressions, teething and sickness! I’m thankful for this program every single day."

Ruth Sterling, MD

"The steps are easy. It's straight-forward. If you're thinking about sleep training, go for it. It will change your life!"

"I felt guilty about wanting to sleep train, but let me tell you that it is okay, it's safe and IT WORKS!

 – Christine D.


Don't waste another sleepless night!

You & your baby can start sleeping better tonight, but only if you sign up now.



Get personalized advice directly from Jilly & her support team 7 days a week!

We answer questions everyday in our Facebook & Slack groups.

And you can speak directly with us on Zoom group calls 3 times a week.

You get 30 days of personal support plus:

  • Full access to '21 Days to Peace & Quiet'
  • Easy-to-watch videos & printable guides that include important checklists & your sleep training plan.
  • FAQ library filled with common parent questions and answered by Jilly herself. Teething, reflux, night weaning, room-sharing, twins, siblings & much more.
  • FREE BONUS: Stop Your Baby's Early Wakings in 7 Simple Steps! Included when you sign up for this support option.



My proven, online step-by-step sleep training program that gets your baby sleeping through the night, in the crib.

Here's what's included in the Do It Yourself option:

  • Full access to '21 Days to Peace & Quiet'
  • Easy-to-watch videos & printable guides that include important checklists & your sleep training plan.
  • FAQ library filled with common parent questions and answered by Jilly herself. Teething, reflux, night weaning, room-sharing, twins, siblings & much more.
  • This option does not come with personal support

"This program was the best money I ever spent! (Besides the $50k on IVF 😉.) 

We went from waking 3 times a night to putting himself to sleep and sleeping through the night. Life-changing!"

 – Jen F.



Get everything you need to get your baby happily sleeping in the crib, all night long.

When you purchase 21 Days to Peace & Quiet, you'll get instant access to all the information and resources you need to get your baby sleeping independently (and fantastically) in the crib, and through the night.

My proven process provides a step-by-step plan for teaching your baby to sleep independently in the crib and get on a consistent sleep schedule you can depend on, so you'll never wonder what your next step should be.



21 Days to Peace & Quiet shares my proven approach to teaching babies to sleep independently. It follows a more natural sequence of sleep training and shows you exactly how to get your baby happily sleeping in the crib, all night long. You'll be able to create a sleep schedule you can depend on and plan your days around. And you'll feel relaxed from settling into the predictability of your baby's great sleep habits.

It separates out the essential steps of sleep training into logical steps, each of which is vitally important to having a baby that sleeps amazingly, long-term.

Calm Your Evenings

  • Essentials for setting up a sleep-friendly space for your baby
  • How to transition out of co-sleeping and into the crib
  • Secrets of starting a Peaceful Nightly Ritual every evening
  • How to transform bedtime battles into sweet memories
  • Discover your baby's ideal bedtime

Organize Your Days

  • Secrets to creating a predictable daily routine
  • How to keep your baby well-rested when their naps are terrible!
  • Learn what you can realistically expect from your baby's sleep at each age
  • Predictable daily routines that meet your baby's needs, allow you to plan your day, and give you guaranteed downtime

Sleep Through Your Nights

  • This is where the magic happens! How to get your baby easily falling asleep on their own & happily sleeping in the crib all night long
  • Advice for weaning off (or reducing) night feeds
  • The pacifier: ditch it or keep it? How to decide
  • 4 critical factors for picking the right sleep training method for your baby
  • Step-by-step sleep training methods- your choice of 4 proven, effective methods
  • How to stay consistent with sleep training & not give up
  • Overcoming common hiccups and struggles during sleep training
  • End early wakings & get your baby sleeping later in the morning


You may ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you are unsatisfied with this program.

"Your program lays out every step so clearly that I wasn't overwhelmed. From the time I started- to sleeping through the night- took only 10 days!"

 – Christina G.


Is This Program Right For Me?


'21 Days to Peace & Quiet' shows you how to get your 5-24 month old happily sleeping in the crib.  

As long as your child cannot climb out of the crib, this program will work for you!


This program is unique because it gives you several sleep training methods to choose from.

One of my sleep training methods is called “Minimal Tears.” I can’t promise zero tears. (Honestly I don’t think anyone can.) But I can promise to show you how to slow down the method to minimize your baby’s resistance and crying.

Plus, with 3 of my 4 methods you stay with your baby while you show him/her how to sleep well. You don’t have to leave the room if you don’t want to.

It’s important to know that you should expect your baby to resist or fuss when making changes to their sleep routine. He or she won’t initially understand what’s going on. But if you want to stay with your baby, you can.


This depends on your baby’s personality and the method you choose. 

My quickest method usually takes 3-5 nights for your little one to sleep through the night. My “middle of the road” methods take 5-14 nights. And my gentlest, slowest sleep training method takes a few weeks to see big results. This is because we undo one sleep association at a time.


No. Let me explain. This program is unique because we start by setting up a healthy sleep foundation for your baby. We separate out all the essential steps of sleep training, and do them one at a time, so it's a gentler transition for your baby.

I created a sleep training method called "Minimal Tears." I can’t promise zero tears. (Honestly I don’t think anyone can.) But I can promise to show you how to slow down the steps to minimize your baby's resistance and crying.

You can stay with your baby while you show him/her how to sleep well. You don't have to leave the room if you don't want to.

If you cannot handle your baby crying at all (even if you're right next to them providing comfort) then this program is not for you.


'21 Days to Peace & Quiet' truly gives you options.

If you read the fine print of other programs, they typically use one sleep training method for all babies. And it’s usually the Ferber method (where you leave the room and check on your baby periodically.) This method is effective, but only for some children.

In '21 Days to Peace & Quiet' I give you 4 different step-by-step sleep training methods and help you pick the best one for your baby. 

There are many ways to teach babies to sleep well. Never feel pressured to use an approach you’re not comfortable with.


If you currently share a bed with your baby, this program guides you through getting your baby to happily accept sleeping in the crib. 

If you want to continue bed-sharing, I’m sorry but I can’t give specific advice for that. The program focuses on getting babies sleeping in cribs because that’s the safest sleep space. As babies become mobile, they can get into unsafe positions or even roll off the bed! This makes sleeping through the night much more challenging and also is unsafe since we parents are sleeping and therefore can’t supervise our babies.

Having your baby safely contained in a crib will give you so much peace of mind and better rest. I was a bed-sharing mama too and woke all night worried about my baby rolling off the bed.


I'm a Lactation Consultant & have breastfed both of my babies well into the toddler years, while also teaching them to sleep through the night.

This program shows you how to reduce night feeds and get your baby sleeping longer stretches. It's up to you how many night feeds you keep (& I guide you through age-appropriate expectations).

You get advice on protecting your milk supply as you reduce night feeds and you can always reach out to me personally if you experience any concerns.

It's 100% possible to get your baby sleeping great at night and continue breastfeeding long-term.

I never push formula onto breastfeeding mothers.


Yes. The program guides you through sleep training your baby (in the crib) in their own bedroom OR in parents' bedroom.

You'll also learn how and when to move your baby into a bedroom with their siblings, if you want.


Great question. As a Baby Sleep Consultant, I’ve spent ten years working with exhausted parents, helping their energetic, intense, sensitive, strong-willed and determined babies sleep through the night. This experience has taught me that sleep training cannot be one-size-fits-all.

I offer 4 different sleep training methods (from gentle & gradual to quick & efficient.) My approach is customizable and based on your baby’s personality. Each step of the way you get advice based on your baby’s developmental stage, energy levels, intensity and sensitivity.

Only a small proportion of parents (3%) don’t get the results they want. And when I follow up with them, they tell me it’s because they couldn’t stay consistent with the program or they didn’t agree that sleep training was necessary.  

To put your mind at ease, and because most of us parents have limited resources, I offer a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

"Jilly's program works wonders. Within 10 days my 7 month old was sleeping independently. He's 2 years old now and still sleeps great!"

 – Linor O.

This could be YOU, too!


"My daughter is 22 months and still breastfeeds. We sleep trained at 14 months. On the first night, she slept through!

It went much better than I expected. I considered not sleep training because of peer pressure, but I'm so glad I did. Do what's best for your family and don't worry about anyone else!"

-Sarah W.


"My baby took 1.5 hours to go to sleep, crying the whole time, and was waking every 2 hours at night. She now sleeps through the night and naps like a champ in her crib.

Jilly, your program is incredible. You changed our lives but more importantly, our daughter's life."

- Elizabeth D.


"I am so excited! My 9 month old now sleeps through the night and naps in his crib! I feel like a human again because I'm sleeping. Thank you for this program!"

- Desiree N.