Newborn to 4 months sleep tips

3 month-old sleep problems - Cute three months old baby girl wearing a cap

Common 3 Month Old Sleep Problems (& Solutions!)

3 months-old is the perfect age to begin establishing healthy long-term sleep habits for your baby. We’ve compiled the most common sleep problems for 3 month-olds along with steps you can take to get your baby’s sleep on track.

5-12 months sleep tips

cute baby in crib on 2 nap routine

2 Nap Schedule for Your Baby

Navigate the 3 to 2 nap transition like a pro! Find out how you can help your baby settle into 2 long, restful naps everyday.

1 to 4 year old sleep tips

How to extend baby's short naps and get baby to nap longer everyday

How to Get Baby to Nap Longer: 9 Simple Steps

Is your baby or toddler a serial short napper? Use these 9 nap training steps to gently teach baby to extend short naps. Sometimes it just takes a little tweaking to get long, restful naps each day.