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cute girl daily schedule activitiesChildren thrive on routine. Having a predictable flow to each day gives children a sense of security and stability, because they know what’s coming. So much of your child’s world is new and unfamiliar, so the more familiarity you can introduce, the better.

Daily schedules & routines also save parents’ sanity! While some parents might love complete spontaneity and loathe routines, most parents crave predictability to their days. If you’re like me, you need to plan errands, appointments, carpool and maybe work hours. A daily schedule for your baby or toddler helps you do just that!

Creative play and fun, developmental activities help babies and toddlers master the milestones that occur at each age. From playing ‘peek-a-boo’ to reading books or having simple conversations, you’ll find that the simplest activity can aid your baby’s development.

I’ve created a detailed guide with several examples of daily schedules from 5 months all the way to 4 years old. They include feeding, sleeping and activity times, plus tips on creating an age-appropriate routine.

This guide also includes information on developmental milestones for each age and activities you can do to help your baby or toddler thrive.


In this detailed guide you’ll get: 


✓ 4-5 month old schedule, 6-8 month old schedule, 9-12 month old schedule, 13-18 month old schedule, 19-24 month old schedule, & 2-5 year old schedule. (Several options for each age.) 

All daily schedules include feeding, sleep, play & activity times. 

Detailed awake times, nap and nighttime hours.

Several options for developmental activities to aid your child’s current milestones.

Plus, developmental toys & play ideas to help your child’s growing imagination, mastery of skills, and budding creativity.


Here’s a sneak peak of the guide!

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  1. Emily

    Loved your 9 step video & all your offerings. May I suggest though that in your nine step video that you slow you’re speaking down because it’s hard to grasp everything especially for exhausted parents and I thought you did a lovely job that I just had that one tip if you could just slow it down thank you so much!

    • panagiota

      Hi there Emily. Thank you very much for your suggestions. We’ll look into it. Sending us your remarks and suggestions is what makes us better. Have a nice day.

      Panagiota, BSMS Support Team


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