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All about baby and toddler sleep. Always based on research.

  • Cute baby and travel essentials in suitcase lying on blue bedspread

Baby Travel Essentials

There are a lot of ways to make your trip easier. And that’s what this article will share with you. These tips on baby travel essentials and the best baby travel products will help you enjoy traveling with your baby.. rather than wishing you’d stayed home!

  • Safe Sleep Space Baby SIDS prevention tips for infants and newborns in cribs

How to Create a Safe Baby Sleep Space

Setting up your baby’s nursery is such a happy event. In addition to choosing the perfect color and theme for your newborn nursery, it’s important to also think about safety. Discover the 5 essential steps for safe and comfortable baby sleep.

  • SIDS sleeping position facts

How are SIDS and Sleeping Position Related?

Want to know the single most important (and easiest) thing you can do to keep your baby safe while sleeping? We’ll explain why sleeping position matters and give you tips on keeping your baby safe and comfortable while snoozing.

  • cute happy infant baby standing in a cot at home won't sleep

My 9 Month Old Won’t Sleep!

Milestones, developments, regressions, teeth popping out, discovering the world of food- it’s no wonder your 9 month old won’t sleep! This article explains how to get your baby sleeping great, day and night.

  • cute baby sleep regression 7 month old

7 Month Sleep Regression Advice That Works!

Is your 7 month old suddenly not sleeping? Like waking up at night, fighting bedtime, or won’t nap? Sounds like the 7 month sleep regression has arrived! This article explains what causes it and how to survive it.

  • wean off rock n play recalled

How To Wean Off the Rock n Play

Fisher Price has recalled their Rock n Play due to several infant deaths. If your baby sleeps in the Rock n Play, it's time to transition to the crib. This article will show you how!

  • cute baby drinking bottle weaning night feeds

Weaning Night Feedings: When/How is Best?

Determining when your baby can wean off night feedings isn’t always easy. How do you know if he's truly hungry when he wakes at night? Our guidelines will help you determine when it's appropriate for your baby to wean his night feedings. And if so, how to do it.

  • How to transition toddler from crib to bed. Cute Asian toddler lying on white bed.

How to Transition a Toddler from Crib to Bed

The transition from crib to a big kid (or toddler) bed is a milestone for your child. This transition is more than a symbol of him growing up though; it can also disrupt good sleep patterns. Here we answer parents' top questions about the best way to transition from crib to bed.

  • Surviving the First Year of Motherhood Me and My Baby

4 Tips for Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

The first year with a new baby is joyful yet tearful and exhilarating yet exhausting. 67% of couples become very unhappy and no one is sleeping well. Jilly shares her top tips for surviving motherhood (& staying sane) during this roller coaster of a year.

  • When Do Toddlers Stop Napping

When Do Toddlers Stop Napping?

Has your toddler suddenly started fighting naps? How do you know she’s ready to give them up? Learn why it’s normal for toddlers to resist nap time and when the best time is for your toddler to stop napping.

  • What Causes Sleep Regression In Babies

What Causes a Sleep Regression in Babies?

"Sleep Regression." Current buzzword in parenting circles or a bona fide research-backed sleep phenomenon? This article explains what sleep regressions are, what causes them and how you can help your baby get through them.

  • Effects of sleep deprivation on family, baby, toddler, preschooler and marriage. Tips and solutions!

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Family [Infographic]

Without sleep we cannot function. We all know this, yet we shortchange ourselves night after night due to work, family, social commitments, and baby waking all night. We'll explain exactly why a good snooze is so important for you. And we'll help you get your baby or toddler the sleep they need, starting tonight!

  • Grumpy Toddler

Why Won’t My Grumpy Toddler Sleep?

Is your toddler affectionately known as 'Oscar the Grouch' or 'Grumpzilla?' You might have a Grumpy Toddler on your hands. We’ll describe the Grumpy personality type, explain why sleep doesn’t come naturally, and give tips on getting your crabby little one (and you) sleeping well.

  • Highly Sensitive Toddler Baby

Is Your Baby or Toddler Highly Sensitive?

Does your baby or toddler have intense, often extreme, reactions to changes in environment or new people? Does he seem to get overstimulated easily? This article describes the typical characteristics of highly sensitive babies and toddlers and explains what their parents need to know to help them sleep well at night.