Sleep Training Tips for Your 5 Month Old

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How to sleep train your 5 month babyYour baby’s fifth month is typically filled with giggles, rolling over and lots of babbling. That’s the cute stuff. But let’s be honest. It can also be an exhausting, sleepless time.

Many people will tell you that your baby can sleep through the night at 5 months old. The truth is, some babies naturally do this and many others need to be taught.

If your baby isn’t on the path to naturally sleeping through the night- and you can’t cope with her countless night wakings- don’t worry.  These 7 sleep training tips will get your 5 month old baby sleeping better at night.

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Sleep Training Tips for Your 5 Month Old Baby


  1. Have realistic expectations
  2. Start a calming bedtime routine
  3. Set an age-appropriate bedtime
  4. Create a sleep-friendly space
  5. Help your baby nap frequently
  6. Teach your baby to fall asleep on his own



Have realistic expectations



Your 5 month old’s bedtime should be between 7-8:30 pm. He should sleep 10-12 hours overnight (with some night feeds.)

Ask your doctor how many night feedings your baby needs. This will depend on your baby’s individual growth and weight gain, but most 5 month olds still need 1-3 night feeds. Once your doctor gives you a clear expectation of nighttime nutrition, you know what you can realistically expect.

For example, if your pediatrician says your baby can go 6 hours between feeds overnight, you can wean down to 1 night feed. Or, if your doctor recommends feeding every 4 hours overnight, you can wean down to 2 night feeds. Check out my guide on Weaning Night Feedings here.

It’s important to keep your 5 month old well-rested during the day. Short naps can be common at this age, so don’t worry if your baby only naps for 40 mins. What’s more important is to let him nap often.

Your 5 month old baby should have awake times of 1.5 – 2.5 hours throughout the day. Longer awake times can over-tire baby, which worsens overall sleep.



This video has more 5 month old sleep tips.



Start a calming bedtime routine



When starting sleep training, we always begin at bedtime. The best way to set your baby up for sleeping long stretches at night is to begin a calming bedtime routine.

This routine relaxes your baby, so that her body can welcome sleep. Certain activities have been proven to relax babies, and when done in the right order, it sets your baby up for sleeping longer at night.


Get a step-by-step guide on creating a calming bedtime routine in my Exhausted Mom’s Starter Kit.


 Set an age-appropriate bedtime



In order for your 5 month old to fall asleep easily and sleep well at night, bedtime must be age-appropriate and consistent. Most 5 month olds are ready for bed between 7-8:30 pm.

Try to keep your baby’s bedtime within a 20 minute range every night. So, if your baby’s ideal bedtime is 7:30 pm, make sure she’s asleep each night between 7:20 – 7:40 pm. It makes a big difference!


Create a sleep-friendly space


This is my number one tip for parents who want their babies to sleep longer stretches. With only a few tweaks to your baby’s bedroom, you can give them an environment that helps them sleep better! It’s amazing!

Get ALL the details inside my Exhausted Mom’s Starter Kit. It explains my top three tips that will improve your baby’s sleep, starting tonight! These tips are super simple to implement, and highly effective.

Help your baby nap frequently


When beginning sleep training, we focus on night sleep. Otherwise you’ll end up with a cranky and exhausted baby day and night!

So while you focus on nighttime sleep training, it’s ok to help your baby nap. “Whatever works” is our motto.

Naps in the crib tend to be the best quality sleep. But it’s ok to use motion to help your baby nap too. Your 5 month old can nap in the stroller (lying flat) or baby carrier while you wear them- as long as you supervise these naps. If it helps your baby nap longer, go for it!

Most 5 month olds take 3-4 naps everyday. But remember that number of naps isn’t what’s important.

Instead, staying well-rested take priority over number of naps. So make sure your baby naps every 1.5-2.5 hours all day long and gets 2-3 total hours of daytime sleep.


Craving some routine, mama?

Want to get several example daily schedules that you can download & save? Ones that meet all of your baby’s sleep, feeding & playtime needs?

My Daily Schedules guide covers 5 months – 4 years old! 


Teach your baby to fall asleep on his own


The way that your baby falls asleep at bedtime is the way he needs to fall back to sleep each time he wakes at night.

We all wake throughout the night, it’s completely normal. We just don’t remember it because we can easily put ourselves back to sleep.

If you feed your baby to sleep at bedtime, he’ll need you to help him fall back asleep each time he stirs during the night. You probably already know this, because you’re up feeding your baby 5 times a night!

When your baby can go into his crib awake, and fall asleep without your help- he’ll be able to resettle himself throughout the night. And he’ll only wake when he’s truly hungry. (This applies to breastfed and formula fed babies.)


The big question is “How do I do it?!”


The truth is, there are many sleep training methods that are effective for 5 month olds. But, the best sleep training approach is the one that’s suited for your baby’s temperament, his age and your parenting style.

In my program, 21 Days to Peace and Quiet, I help parents choose the best sleep training method for their baby. Some babies are better suited for gentle sleep training. While others respond better to quick methods. In my program, I help you pick the best approach for your little one. 

One last thing…


It’s ok if you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your baby’s sleep. It’s completely normal for parents of 5 month olds to feel this way! Life with a new baby is exhausting on most days. Just remember, there’s always hope.

Once you start these 6 sleep training tips, and do them consistently everyday, your 5 month old will start sleeping amazingly well!


a guide for parents to help their baby sleep better

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  1. Nikki

    My son is almost 5 and a half months. He’s a really good sleeper and has 3 naps throughout the day at more or less the same time and duration. About 3.4-4 hours in total.
    He goes to bed at about 7:30pm and has been doing so for almost 2 months now. He used to wake up between 7 and 730am but this last week he has started waking between 6 and 6:30am. He doesn’t wake up crazy hungry so I know it’s not to feed. Could this just be a phase? Is this his new waking time? Should we be adjusting his bed time? Would love your advice on this 🙂

    • Artemis

      Wow, great sleeper indeed!

      At this age, we want to aim for a total of 2-3 hours of daytime sleep. This means 2-3 hours for all naps COMBINED. Your son waking early might be due to him getting 3-4 hrs of total daytime sleep. Try limiting this to 3 hours total and see how it goes.

      If you need any additional help with his schedule, you can book a private consultation with us here:

      Good luck!
      Artemis, BSMS Support Team

  2. R

    5 month old suddently wakes up multiple times throughout the night and will only sleep if held.

    • Artemis

      Sorry to hear that.

      When we help our little one fall asleep, they rely on us to sleep. What you need to do is gently remove your support in a way that enables your little one to sleep happily on their own.

      We can help you do this in our sleep training program. We have a 15% sale right now when you use the coupon code ‘2022’ at checkout, it’s the perfect time to sleep train!

      Here is the link to sign up:

      Hoping to see you in the program soon,
      Artemis, BSMS Support Team

  3. Lisa

    Hi, 5 month old has 3–4 naps a day (4 hrs average), she wakes up at 8am everyday which is consistent. However her bedtime is usually around 9-10pm, I have tried to get her down by 8pm and get rid of that 4th nap, kept her wake window longer but she gets too tired. She’ll wake up from the 4th nap around 8:30 and won’t continue to sleep… until 10pm.
    Lately she has been very fussy and getting her down to sleep is harder.
    How do I get her to stick to a 8pm bedtime, we follow a routine everyday.
    She averages around 9.5 night hour sleep but I am worried it’s not enough.

    • Artemis

      Hi, Lisa!

      Sounds like your little one is a great sleeper. That’s lovely! At this age, we generally want to stick to a total of 2-3 hrs of daytime sleep maximum. That could be why your baby’s bedtime is being pushed late.

      To solve this, we need to really gently, over the course of several days, move your bedtime up and figure out what to do about naps. All this and MORE can be done in our sleep training program. Don’t worry, we can get your daughter sleeping amazingly really soon!

      Join us below:

      If you have any questions, please email us:

      Otherwise just join the program and we’ll help you in there.

      Kind regards,
      Artemis, BSMS Support Team

  4. Jade

    Hi their hope you’re well x
    My daughter has to fall asleep on my hand /chest and will not fall asleep with anyone else or any way and will not sleep in her bed as soon as I put her down she wake up and stay as awake until I put her back on my hand or chest pleaseeeeee help ahah
    Xoxo jade

    • Micaela

      Hello Jade,
      you are not alone, we’ve had a lot of clients in the same situation. Once your baby has turned 5mo (20weeks) you can start proper sleep trainign and we would LOVE to help you <3

      The program has 4 step-by-step methods that walk you through teaching your baby how to settle to sleep on their own, which will show them how to resettle during night wakings too. It also covers reducing and fully weaning off night feeds.

      With 3 of the methods you stay with your baby as you teach them to sleep better. You don't have to leave the room if you don't want to. And you can choose a slower, more gradual method to reduce your baby's resistance, fussing and crying. We can't promise "no tears" but you can work to minimize baby's resistance.

      We also accommodate for your baby's temperament too. Each lesson has tips on tweaking the steps to suit your baby's energy levels, sensitivity and adaptability.

      I'm confident we can get you and your baby sleeping great.

      Happy to answer any other questions you have about the program.

      Micaela BSMS Support Team

  5. Vanessa Birri

    Hi !

    I have a question for you 🙂 ! We are super lucky, because our 5 months old son sleeps through the night for a while now and we never really struggles with the naps, but.. he recently discover how to turn on his belly and it’s really hard for him to fall asleep (he keeps turning on his belly and then freaks out because he doesn’t know what to do anymore) OR he falls asleep wakes up after a 30 minutes nap, turns on his belly and the nap is over. For now, we are lucky because he sleeps through the nights even when he is on his belly (he finds his thumb and goes back to sleep). So I guess my question is : how can I help him to fall asleep during the day? Is it just a rough time where we bite the bullet and wait or we can help him?

    We try to give him as much as tummy time when he’s awake so he can get used to it…

    Thank you so much !

    • Alyssa Taft

      Hello Vanessa,

      Thank you so much for your message. I am so glad to hear that your LO is sleeping really well at night!! This is amazing. It can be a bit of a learning curve when LO’s learn to roll. The best thing you can do is give him the space to work it out on his own, as well as give him a TON of practice time during the day. For my daughter, I would even put her in her sleep sack during the day for 15-30 minutes or so, so that she could practice rolling in it. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for your LO to get comfortable but then will start sleeping better!

      Alyssa, BSMS Support Team

  6. Alexis

    Hi! My little one was never a great sleeper but we had gotten down to 2-3 feedings right before the 4 month regression. The first two weeks were hell (hourly wakings) and now we have settled into 2-hours. And he will only accept a feed to go back to sleep. Sometimes a long feed, sometimes short. The thing is that he goes to sleep on his own absolutely fine – and I’ve even started putting him down awake after the feeds (5+ times a night!) and yet he STILL WAKES UP! What can I do?

    • Micaela

      Hello Alexis, it’s not uncommon for babies to be able to fall asleep on their own at bedtime but still need assistance during the night. If he is now 5mo you can start proper sleep training. We can help you with our step-by-step program and if you’d love to have our daily support you can opt for the two packages that have it included. Find out more here
      Happy to answer any questions you might have about the program.
      Micaela BSMS Support Team

  7. Siobhan


    I just have some questions regarding babies who respond to change by pure screaming!

    I have a 5 month old who up until 1 month ago was fine with sleeping. Would be up a couple of times for a night feed, which is fine and expected and napped reasonably well. Now this has all gone downhill thanks to the 4 month regression.

    However every time I try and move away from feeding to sleep I am met with SCREAMING. And I mean blood curdling hysteria and is incredibly difficult to settle. More gentle sleep training techniques say to soothe in the cot, I’m not kidding when I say this is impossible. He just screams and screams and screams. I’ve never met a baby who screams to the extent he does and unless I feed him that’s all I get. Dad gets a bit more luck getting him down, but this is hit and miss at best. He struggles to settle for other people which isn’t helpful when I’m doing odd days at work and have to go to hospital for treatments.

    What I’m basically asking is how can I even start with sleep training when even gentle methods descends into total chaos every time I try and get him to sleep without feeding? I’m mentally drained with it all.


    • Siobhan

      I should also add I’m lucky to have a 30 minute nap from him unless I lay with him and lay totally still like a statue. It’s very disheartening to spend over an hour working for a nap for him to sleep for less than half of it!

      • Micaela

        In addition to my last reply and regarding naps, 21 Days to Peace & Quiet first focuses on night sleep. We prefer to separate out nights and naps so that it leads to less tears, stress and lost sleep. While you work on nights, you keep helping your baby nap in the best way possible.

        Don’t worry, this won’t confuse your baby. Different parts of the brain govern day versus night sleep.

        The program does give nap tips and basic advice (including a daily schedule) and many parents are able to get their babies napping great from the advice in the program.

        Parents who want more intensive step-by-step advice for naps have the option to join our naps program once their baby is sleeping well at night. These parents often have concerns about naps at daycare, sibling schedules, or just prefer more step-by-step guidance on getting long naps every day.

        I hope this helps. I’m happy to answer any other questions you have.
        Micaela BSMS Support Team

    • Micaela

      Hello Siobhan, the 4mo sleep regression can be soo hard and disruptive!

      Jilly’s program is different than others because we take a few days to set up a healthy sleep foundation for your baby. We separate out all the essential steps of sleep training so it’s a gentler and more gradual transition for your baby.
      One of her 4 step-by-step methods is called “Minimal Tears.” We can’t promise zero tears. And honestly we don’t think anyone can. But we can promise to show you how to slow down the method to minimize your baby’s resistance and crying. Plus, with 3 of the methods you stay with your baby while you show him/her how to sleep well. You don’t ever have to leave the room if you don’t want to.
      But it is important to know that you should expect your baby to resist or fuss when making changes to the sleep routine. He or she won’t initially understand what’s going on. But you get to stay with your baby and slow down the process to minimize resistance and crying.

      I’m confident we can get you and your baby sleeping great.

      Happy to answer any other questions you have about the program. Here are all the details:
      Micaela BSMS Support Team

  8. Kelsi

    Hi! Just found your website by googling. My babes is 5 month and 5 days. Two day ago she started only sleeping if I hold her. I feed her to sleep for naps and bedtime…which I’m not sure if I should try to change that or not. I was looking in to trying the E.A.S.Y daily routine. Just wondering if you have any tips on getting her to lay on her own for naps and getting away from eating to sleep especially for naps. Up until two days ago I could feed her and she would let me lay her down for her naps. At bedtime she wakes up once or twice within an hour sometimes 2 before really sleeping for the night. In the early morning hours, 5:30-6am, she will wake up a lot and wont sleep well unless she is laying next to me. I wonder if maybe she is experiencing some separation anxiety. When I leave the room she will fuss and if my husband is holding her and I leave she will be okay but as soon as she can see me again she will fuss and keep her eyes locked on me, almost like begging for me to pick her up. My first baby was an easy sleeper. So all this is very overwhelming to experience so many different sleep changes in such a short amount of time.

    • panagiota

      Hi there Kelsi, thank you for your message. Your baby’s first year is full of development. This development can cause your baby’s sleep to regress. You just need to be consistent. The tips from this guide will definitely help.

      Also, if you haven’t already, you can sign up for our free Exhausted Mom’s Survival Kit, a step by step guide that will help you create healthy sleep habits for your baby, create a bedtime routine, set the right bedtime and help your LO sleep better day & night, overall. Here’s the link –>

      Also, breastfeeding to sleep is natural and completely normal. In fact, it’s not a problem until it “becomes a problem” and you’re having to get up and feed your baby back to sleep many times at night.

      At your baby’s age, it’s possible to teach them to self-settle to sleep. THIS will lead to long stretches of sleep and STTN when your baby is developmentally ready.

      It won’t necessarily be “easy” in that your little one may get upset learning a new way of falling asleep, BUT a few days of teaching independent sleep habits will lead to YEARS of peaceful and happy sleep for everyone.

      There are several ways of teaching your LO a new way of falling asleep. The best approach will depend on your LO’s temperament and your parenting preferences. This is what we help parents do everyday in our program, 21 Days to Peace & Quiet.

      We’d love to have you join our step-by-step program here:

      Hope these help! Panagiota, BSMS Support Team

  9. Rose

    Hi! Just stumbling onto your site for the first time. I have an almost 5 month breastfed baby who has been sleeping through the night since age 6 weeks (7+ hours). Now he sleeps 11-12 hours each night without waking. Problem is, he is fighting his third daytime nap. Is it too early to drop it? He falls asleep on his own after I sing and lay him down, but the past two weeks the third one he just screams and screams and won’t be settled even if I rock, sing, pat, etc

    7:15 – wake
    8:30 -2.5-3 hour nap
    2:00 – 1.5-2 hour nap
    5:30 – 45 minute nap, but he has been refusing this one aggressively!! Come 7:00 pm though, he is pooped and wants to go to bed early ?
    7:45 – bedtime

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Ann

    Hello, i love your website, and I have watched plenty of your YouTube videos finding them really helpful, I have adapted some of the suggestions but lately nothing seems to work.
    My little one is 5 month and 2 weeks now. It’s a week that she is having strange patterns during night, at the beginning of this week she used to wake up for dreamfeed each hour, and then although came back to same f eding routine (3-4 times a night) suddenly she started waking up multiple times in the night.
    Before this happened she used to sleep roughly 12 hours, on a crib next to our bed, and was fed and put back in her crib without fussing, and used to wake up each day around 8 am. During the day she was and still is habitual and goes for a nap every 1,30 -2h but always for just 30 minutes, not a second more or less, and wakes up fine, so I don’t know if I shouldd o something about her naps as well.
    I have been putting her to sleep with a baby carrier from months now because nothing else seems to work. I always follow a sleep routine for the night: massage/bath, pjs, feed, book, projection lights and white noise, but at the end of the routine she is just calm, not drowsy, and does not fall asleep unless I put her in the carrier and walk around.
    The problem with the carrier is that whenever I unhook it and try to lay her, she gets back to active state and to the next trial of sleeping she just keeps on crying even with eyes shut.
    I am exhausted, I don’t understand if it is teething, sleep transition or whatever, it’s just that I am barely sleeping for more then 1 hour and a half continuously and not more then 6 hours at night.

    Thank you so much for your support, I hope I wil gain some mental clarity and rest to be able to try any sleep training method, right now I live out of shear inertia.

    • Alyssa Taft

      Hello Ann,

      Thanks for your post! You must be exhausted. It sounds like you have been working on a good routine for your LO. In order for your LO to start sleeping through the night, we need your LO to be able to fall asleep independently and without any sleep associations. This is all covered in Jilly’s program! I joined when my daughter was 6 months and it was a huge lifesaver for my family. We’re currently having a Spring Sale. This gives you 30 days of personal support with our sleep training program, 21 Days to Peace & Quiet.
      Jilly walks you through each step and shows you exactly what to do every night. Plus we answer questions 5 days/week inside a private FB group. So you really get all the direction and support you need. Here’s more info: Definitely check it out and let me know if you have any questions! Alyssa, BSMS Support Team

  11. Amani Hussein

    So my baby is almost 6 months old
    She cant sleep without her pacifier or without being swaddled. And everytime she moves at night (or try to move since shes swaddled) she would cry for her pacifier. I tried to train her to sleep without being swaddled, she would keep crying and rubbing her eyes or playing around with het feet. If i rock her to sleep with out swaddling then put her on her crib. She would wake up at night crying for her pacifier and cant go back to sleep until i rock her again. She would wake up 7 to 10 times if i dont swaddle her, and with swaddle she would sleep though the night without waking up at all ( except when she wants her pacifier) what can i do? She’s rolling over already and i need to stop swaddling.

    • panagiota

      Hi Amani. Sounds like you’re really struggling. Happy you reached out, because we’re here to help. Jilly recommend the Zipadee Zip sleep suit because it’s safe for rolling babies to wear long-term. It has a slight restriction in the arms, which feels cosy and safe, and many babies sleep great in it.

      Also, what’s just as important is teaching your baby to fall asleep on her own. When she can do this at bedtime, she’ll be able to sleep longer stretches at night (and sleep through the night) because she’ll be able to resettle herself during the night.

      If you haven’t already, you can join our free Exhausted Mom’s Survival Kit (link in the header of the blog), which is a step-by-step guide that walks you through on how to help your LO sleep better day & night. Happy to answer any other questions you might have. Panagiota, BSMS Support Team.

  12. Dinke Moir

    How to put my baby in the crib by herself she doesn’t want to sleep at Crib you just wanna sleep with me in the bed five months old

    • Alyssa Taft

      Hi Dinke and thanks for your message!

      If you go to our website and look at the top pink menu, you’ll find our age-specific sleep guides. Just choose your LO’s age to get specific tips to improve their sleep. You can find us at:

      Your age-specific guide helps you understand your LO’s current developmental stage and any effects it may have on sleep. And it has specific steps you can take to improve your LO’s sleep right away. If you prefer more details and a step-by-step guide to get your LO sleeping through the night indepedently, then I highly recommend our program, 21 Days to Peace & Quiet. In this program we offer 4 step-by-step sleep training methods. You choose the one that feels best for your LO. We have super gentle & gradual all the way to quick & efficient. Each step of the way you get advice based on your baby’s developmental stage, energy levels, and temperament. You get personalized advice from Jilly and you gain access to our private FB group with hundreds of moms. We are a true community and help support one another.

      You can find out more info on the program here:

      When you are 100% consistent in following the steps of the program, your baby will be sleeping amazingly within 1-3 weeks. It depends on the method you choose as well as your baby’s adaptability. But we cover all of this in the program! I totally understand not wanting to spend more money on programs that don’t work!

      Happy to answer any questions you have.

      Have a great day! / Alyssa, BSMS Support Team

  13. Johanna Iniguez

    Hi I have read so many articles and videos of how to train a baby to sleep, with my first he used to nurse to sleep and never have any problem besides bed sharing, my new baby is 5 months old as tomorrow but he have been a terrible sleeper, I kind of have him on schedule until he hit the 4 month sleep regression, naps are out of order basically as per night time he goes down to his regular time that is 7 – 7:30 pm. He is usually awake for one feeding at night around 2 or 3 am and than wake up at around 6 am, but since last week he been wanting to be dream feed at around 11pm then at 3 and then at 5 am even when he was a nb, always was one time feeding during the night. Now my problem is not even to wake up to nurse in the middle of the night, but what is bothering me is that now he wake up after he is down, around 30 minutes after sleeping he was not like that before once he was down he used to wake up. Now he wake up in the middle of the night to eat and be awake for few minutes before he used be feed but fall sleep immediately so this is what is weird to me, today he was sleeping he pull out the breast and then be awake for 25 minutes and I have to Pat him on his back and he fall sleep, my new problem is I started having backaches, and running out of patience, we bedshare because since he was born is the only way that he sleep in my bed if I place him on his crib which I tried before he sleep very short naps. Is there any training for him for his personality, because as I mention I don’t care if he wants to eat in the middle of the night but I want to be able to place him in his crib and he fall sleep with out any assistance. If he stop breastfeeding no problem.

    • Alyssa Taft


      Thank you so much for your message! I have been in your shoes and it is exhausting! We do have a wonderful training program that can work with your little one’s personality 🙂 I highly recommend our program, 21 Days to Peace & Quiet since your little one is older than 5 months and it will provide you step by step guidance with what to do throughout the training process. It did amazing things for my own family!

      In this program we offer 4 step-by-step sleep training methods. You choose the one that feels best for your LO and his personality. We have super gentle & gradual all the way to quick & efficient.

      Each step of the way you get advice based on your baby’s developmental stage, energy levels, and temperament.

      You can find out more info on the program here:

      When you are 100% consistent in following the steps of the program, your baby will be sleeping amazingly within 1-3 weeks. It depends on the method you choose as well as your baby’s adaptability. But we cover all of this in the program!

      Happy to answer any questions you have.

      Have a great day! / Alyssa, BSMS Support Team

  14. Monika

    Hello Jilly,

    I would really love some help on how to help my 5 month old daughter link her sleep cycles better and wean her off of nursing to sleep. She has a very sweet and content personality thus far and was a very good sleeper from 1-4 months, able to sleep 6-8 hour stretches before a feed. Then at 4 months that changed and I have been struggling the last month with her frequent night wakings. She is breastfed and co-sleeps with us at the moment. I have been slowly transitioning her into her own bed in our room for her naps and then sleep with her still at night. I have been survival nursing her to sleep, because I also have a 3 year old and my husband works away for 2 week stretches at a time, sigh… I will not be able to start any real big sleep training changes until I have his support, as I am too emotional and tired to let her cry. We sleep trained our older daughter around 8 months and it worked within 3 nights, but she was older and seemed very ready. Anyway, my main question is that I am trying to work on some gradual changes now, I am really try not to nurse her to sleep and working on putting her down “drowsy but awake” from all naps and bedtime and night wakings, which has also been exhausting and confusing. I am including nursing in her at the end of her bedtime and nap time routines and try to only let her go until drowsy and then I hold her and pat her back for a bit, sing a lullaby and then put her down “drowsy but awake.” My question is now what do I do????Sometimes she does great and fusses minimally and sucks her fingers or coos a bit and then falls asleep and other times she cries and it can take a really long time for her to self settle. I do not want to confuse her by nursing her after it all again and again, so I let her go trying to figure out how to fall asleep as long as she is not really crying hard, once she cries, I pick her up and pat her back until she calms down and then put her down again, but sometimes that takes a while too and several pick up and put downs. Is the goal to just leave her in her bed for how ever long it takes? I could use some advise. Thank you for your time. I will also look into your 21 day sleep program.

    • Alyssa Taft


      Thank you so much for your message! I see that you have been implementing some of the tips from Jilly’s 5 month sleep guide and you are interested in Jilly’s 21 day sleep program. I agree with you that nursing your little one off and on could get confusing and nursing to sleep is really an association that is best to break if your goal is for your little one to fall asleep independently. Yes, our goal would be for your little one to be put in her crib awake and fall asleep on her own without any associations. I was in your exact shoes when my little one was 5 months, and Jilly’s program was truly amazing and got my little one to sleep independently within a few weeks.

      I highly recommend our program, 21 Days to Peace & Quiet since your little one is older than 5 months and you’ll be able to get step by step guides for how to handle the different situations you are experiencing (nursing to sleep, crying when baby can’t resettle). In this program we offer 4 step-by-step sleep training methods. You choose the one that feels best for your LO. We have super gentle & gradual all the way to quick & efficient.

      Each step of the way you get advice based on your baby’s developmental stage, energy levels, and temperament.

      You can find out more info on the program here:

      When you are 100% consistent in following the steps of the program, your baby will be sleeping amazingly within 1-3 weeks. It depends on the method you choose as well as your baby’s adaptability. But we cover all of this in the program!

      Happy to answer any questions you have!

      Have a great day! / Alyssa, BSMS Support Team

  15. Aliisa Valkeinen

    I am using the checking In method. If baby does stop crying about minute or so and then starts again crying. Do I start counting all over or keep the clock going

    • Alyssa Taft


      Thanks for your message! For the checking in method, we start the clock when baby is crying and then stop the clock when the baby stops. If your baby starts to cry again, then you would restart the clock again. Good luck Mama! /Alyssa, BSMS Support Team

  16. Aliisa

    Hi! I have 5 month old son. He Wakes up many times At night and I have To go and replace his pacifier. I am thinking To start sleep training soon. The biggest problem is that he Wakes up once At night so that he seems like he is ready for the Day.. Its about 3 o’clock. He stays up about an 1-1,5 hours but he doesnt cry. He is just really happy In his bed. Should I just let him be and wait that he falls asleep or?

    • Leena

      Hi! If your LO doesn’t fuss, the optimal thing is to give your LO a chance to fall back at sleep by himself 🙂

      As to the pacifier:
      ? Start now by letting him suck on the pacifier to get calm and drowsy before sleep. Then gently break the seal on him latch before he’s in a deep sleep. You only want to break the seal and leave it in his mouth while she falls asleep.

      ? Tomorrow do the same, but break the seal a little bit earlier. If he startles awake, the pacifier is right there for him to latch back onto.

      ? On day 3, break the seal even earlier. But again, leave the pacifier in her mouth as he falls asleep.

      ✅ Once you can “easily” break the seal and he’s able to fall into a deep sleep without sucking- you’ll know you’re on your way!

      ? Then it’s time to remove the pacifier completely (and gently) after you break the seal. This gets him used to sleeping without it in his mouth.

      As you can imagine, it’s a slow process. But you can make a lot of progress in 4-7 days. Then you can begin sleep training with a baby who’s less dependent on her pacifier for sleep! ?

      This method is gentle and gradual, but that means it takes patience and time. It won’t go perfectly. Some days he’ll respond well and other days he might not.

      But in a few days time, you’ll be amazed by how much progress he’s made.

      PS. the program with support package is currently on flash sale (-30%) and it has a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it, so there’s is really no reason to try it out 🙂 Here are all the details:

      Happy to answer any other questions you have about the program! / Leena, BSMS Support Team

    • Rosaline Kalu

      If I am trying to lessen my support for baby
      each night, how long do I let my child fuss before consoling her?

      • panagiota

        Hi there Rosaline. You can post your question in our private facebook group. Thanks! Panagiota, BSMS Support Team

  17. Natalie

    Hi Jilly,

    I have a 5 month old who has always struggled with going to sleep at night. She often will be up and down crying for around 2-3 hours each night before finally drifting off for the night. She sleeps in a bedside crib and lately the only way I can get her to fall asleep is if I’m laying there right next to her (and this is after the 2-3 hours of pick up-soothe-put down!) We have had the same bedtime routine since she was 8 weeks old and she only wakes up once for a feed once she’s down. We’re struggling to figure out what to try next and want to start to transition her to her own room soon but that feels like it will be even more difficult right now!

    • Leena

      Hi Natalie! I completely understand you mama! Since you’ve already read the actual guide above, you know what you can expect from you LO at this age, so if the tips in the guide are not working, you might like to join our program to get personalized assistance. The program will help you find the next step and method that will work for you and your LO. The program has 4 different step-by-step methods for you to choose from (from super gentle & gradual to quick & efficient.) Each step of the way you get advice based on your baby’s developmental stage, energy levels, and temperament. For more information on the program, please don’t hesitate to ask, here is the link to it:

      Good luck mama! / Leena, BSMS Support Team

  18. Christina

    Hi Jilly. My 2nd is almost 5 months old and for almost 2 months now will only nap about 30 minutes at a time. Once or twice a week she’ll nap longer but that’s only if we can get her back to sleep when she wakes after half an hour. Usually we are not able to get her back to sleep and it is so hard to even get her fall asleep…for every nap. When she is clearly exhausted all day because 30 minutes is not restorative. She usually goes to bed easily and only wakes up once to eat. Sometimes the lack of day sleep affects her night sleep and she wakes often and cries a lot. I think we need to do nap training first since night sleep is already generally good. She goes down between 7 and 7:30 usually and sleeps until a bit after 7am with one overnight feeding. It seems like we spend all day trying to calm a crying baby to get her to nap. Any additional advice??

    • Leena

      Hi Christina!

      Thank you for contacting us! Of course we can help!

      You’re right. Since your night sleep is going well it’s time to work on naps. Jilly recommends starting nap training no earlier than 6 months. It can be harder to get consistently long naps from younger babies. Here is a guide for you that I think could be of help:

      Work on implementing these tips consistently for the next month and then consider signing up for the naps program once you LO hits 6 months.

      Here s the link to the naps program:

      We’d love to have you join us! I’m happy to answer any other questions you have.

      / Leena BSMS Support Team

  19. Lacey

    Hey jilly!
    I have a five month old baby girl, she used to be such a good sleeper at night, and now she’s up several times a night. I have to feed her or put her paci back in her mouth for her to go back to sleep.. What can I do to help her sleep better?

    • Leena

      Hi Lacey!

      Sorry for the delayed response and sorry to hear about the poor sleep phase. The good news is at you can gently start sleep training your LO at this age.

      You can still keep the pacifier as a sleep prop if you wish to start slowly, but in case you are completely wiped out and want results more quickly, you can drop it off at the same time you start sleep training. It is completely up to your goals, parenting preference and temperament of your baby.

      If you’d like a bit more assistance and a program that will guide you through sleep training step by step, you are very welcome to join our program, 21 Days to Peace& Quiet. The program has 4 step-by-step methods that walk you through teaching your baby how to settle to sleep
      on their own, which will show them how to resettle during night wakings too. Jilly has helped hundreds of exhausted Moms all around the world get their babies sleeping well, so they can get their energy back and start feeling like themselves again. So they can enjoy all the little things with their families. We’d love to help you, too.

      How quickly your baby learns to sleep well depends on a few things: the method you choose, your consistency and your baby’s individual adaptability.

      In general, though, if you’re super consistent with all the steps of the program, you can expect your baby to be sleeping amazingly at night within 21 days.

      There are 7 lessons in the program and each lesson can be customized for your baby’s temperament. The program is delivered in short videos and simple visual guides to follow.

      Here is the link to Jilly’s program:

      We’d love to have you join us! I’m happy to answer any other questions you have.

      / Leena, BSMS Support Team

  20. Miranda

    Hey Jilly,

    My biggest issue right now, is that my 5 month old rolls onto her belly when she wakes up but she doesn’t know how to roll back yet. Sometimes she wakes up, rolls onto her belly, then falls back asleep. I’m so worried that she will suffocate in the night, that I look at the monitor throughout the entire night and go in to roll her over when needed. Sometimes I am able to do this without waking her, but usually not. What should I do? I miss sleep!


    • Jilly Blankenship

      Hi Miranda,

      It can be so scary the first time your baby rolls onto her tummy in the night! Most parents aren’t sure if they should roll their babies back over or leave them.

      Once your baby can freely roll back-to-front and front-to-back easily, it’s ok to let her get herself into different sleep positions. You should always start each sleep placing baby on her back. But if she rolls, that’s fine (according to the NICHD

      On the other hand, if your baby is “stuck” on her tummy and can’t roll onto her back OR she gets upset being on her tummy, then you need to go to her and reposition her on her back.

      Let her practice rolling on the open floor LOTS during the day, to master this skill as soon as possible.

      It’s typically just a few days to a week and then your baby is able to roll independently.

      I hope this helps!

  21. Ekta

    How do i put the cardboard on windows to black out?

    • Jilly Blankenship

      Hi Ekta,

      Just measure up your window space and cut out the cardboard accordingly. If you get a snug fit, you may not need anything else. Or else you can use some light tape to keep it in place over night and for naps.

      Good luck!

  22. Veronica


    If my 5month old sleeps at 8.00pm, is his awake time of 8am normal (with dream feed at 11pm and 1 night waking at 3am?)

    Thanks heaps!

    • Jilly Blankenship

      Hi Veronica,

      Yes that works! If he wakes naturally at 8 am, that’s great.

  23. Asia

    I would love some advice. My girl is 5 months old today. Our approach was the ferber method but she would be so much more upset when I would console her so it became the CIO method after night 1 (I still feed her at 2/3 when shes hungry). Night 1 took 18 mins, night 2 took 5 mins, night 3 took 25 mins and tonight took 6 mins to fall asleep. After an hour she woke and cried for 45 mins before she fell asleep finally. I hate hearing her cry, like I’m sure all moms do. I’m just wondering if the extinction method is ok at 5 months old. I cant help but think how much stress shes experiencing and that she wont trust me when she wakes up. Thanks in advance.

    • Jilly Blankenship

      Hi Asia,

      You’re right, no mom wants to hear her baby cry. Sleep training methods that involve crying can be stressful and cause us parents to worry.

      I don’t love the Extinction method, to be honest. But sometimes it has to be used as a last resort. If you think this method is best suited for your baby, then trust your instinct.

      Give her lots of cuddles, kisses and “together time” during the day. This will help you feel better and, of course, she’ll love it.

      You’re not a neglectful mom and you’re not abandoning your baby. I’m sure within a few days she’ll be sleeping through the night (with one feed) and this will be a worry of the past.

      I hope this helps,

  24. Janki Hemani

    I have read many articles on sleep training and I don’t think anything works. My girl sleeps on our shoulder and when we put her down she starts crying. For all her naps we have to rock her so much that my husband and I are completely exhausted. Nights are even worse. We are cosleeping yet she keeps waking up. I want her to wleep on her own but she just can’t figure it out. She is 5 months

    • Jilly Blankenship

      Hi Janki,

      It’s SO hard when your baby needs to be held all the time for sleep. But when babies are this dependent on parents/motion for sleep, and NO ONE is sleeping, sometimes the only thing to do is begin sleep training.

      You can take it slowly if you want OR go quickly to get some sleep ASAP. The steps in this guide do help babies settle easier for sleep and sleep longer stretches. You just have to take a leap of faith and get started! Babies that are very dependent on being held or nursed for sleep will fuss and resist any changes to their sleep routine. BUT as long as parents are consistent, it gets better everyday as baby learns the skill of settling herself to sleep. And yes, it often involves some fussing or crying.

      Just a note, if she was born premature I’d wait until she’s 5 months “adjusted age” to begin sleep training.

      If you want more step-by-step guidance and several options for sleep training methods, you can check out my program here:

      All the best,

    • Mandy

      My 5 month old breastfeeds himself to sleep, how do I get him to fall asleep off of me? He will occasionally fall asleep in the car seat but we cosleep a majority of the time.
      He will not take a soother, will sometimes take a bottle but never falls asleep after eating that way.

      • Alyssa Taft

        Hello Mandy,

        Thank you for your message! Breastfeeding is very much nutrition as it is comfort, so I can understand why your little one can so easily fall asleep while nursing. Nursing to sleep is often a sleep association for babies. This means that every time babies wake up from a nap or in the middle of the night, they will usually need nursing to fall back asleep. Your little one is still young so night feedings are completely normal! I would try to work on putting your little one down drowsy but awake. I am attaching a link to our 5 month old sleep guide that gives some helpful tips to get your little one sleeping better!! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂 /Alyssa, BSMS Support Team


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