Teach Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

baby sleeping through the night guide


teach baby to sleep through the night adorable chunky sleeping babyThere is so much joy that comes with being a parent. Everyday you gush at your baby’s new accomplishments like rolling over or feeding herself for the first time. You know your baby better than anyone (even Grandma!) but you may be stuck when it comes to getting her to sleep long stretches at night. Not to worry, this guide walks you through the steps of teaching your baby to sleep through the night!

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When can I teach my baby to sleep through the night?

“Sleeping through the night” goals often differ among parents. Some Moms and Dads are desperate for their baby to get 12 hours solid sleep. And others are happy with one quick night feed. 

Many babies can be expected to have a 5-hour stretch of sleep at night once they reach 4 months-old and/or 12 pounds. Some babies can handle even longer stretches of sleep at this age & weight (much to their parents’ delight!)

The guide below shows you how long you can expect your baby to sleep at night, depending on their age.



Now that you know what you can expect of your baby, let’s get started teaching her to sleep through the night!


How can I teach my baby to sleep through the night?



If you’re eager to teach your baby to sleep through the night, but unsure of how to begin, here is your guide!

This guide will walk you through the 5 steps to teaching your baby to sleep through the night. It is based around your baby’s innate biological rhythms and is therefore a gentle and natural way to encourage better baby sleep.



Step 1: Get on schedule


There’s a reason this is the first step: it’s really important. This is where you gently set your baby’s body clock to expect sleep at predictable times. This helps sleep come easier for your baby. Take the time to set a daily rhythm for your baby or toddler, and you will find that the night wakings greatly diminish. If bedtime comes at different times each evening, your baby may fight going to sleep and sleep poorly because her system hasn’t settled into a regular sleeping pattern.

Get on schedule. It doesn’t have to be “military tight” but aim for naps and bedtime to occur at the same time each day. The added bonus is that you know when you’ll have a break!

*the schedules below assume a morning wake-up time between 6-7 am. 



teach your baby to sleep through the night sample daily schedule by age




Ready For the Next Steps? 


a guide for parents to help their baby sleep better

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  1. Shelby Thornton

    Hi! My daughter is 13 months old and she was sleeping pretty well and then all of sudden she just started fighting her sleep. She will lay down and go to sleep at bed time on her own and be fine for a few hours and then she will wake up and scream and won’t want to lay back down on her own. At first I thought sleep Regression or teething but it’s been the last 3 or so weeks we have been having this problem. Sometimes she just wants me to hold her until she falls asleep and then sometimes she wants to play I’m just really not sure what to do.

    • Alyssa Taft

      Hello Shelby,

      Thank you for your message and I am sorry you are dealing with this! You must be exhausted! The 12 month sleep regression can be a big one and regressions can often last between 2-6 weeks. The fact your little one was sleeping well and then just stopped leads me to believe that she is in the middle of this regression. When dealing with a regression, it is really important to remain consistent and continue with all of your normal routines. I am attaching two links for you: 1) How to survive the 12 month regression and 2) Helpful sleep tips for a one year old. I would try to implement these sleep tips and just be super consistent. The regression should pass soon! Let me know if you have any questions! /Alyssa, BSMS Support Team


  2. Thea

    What are you supposed to do when my 5, soon to be 6 months old baby wakes in the middle of the night? How do i get him back to sleep? Am I supposed to pick up to ooth, feed, let him cry, if so for how long.


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