“Hope Returned!” A Testimonial from Michelle

There’s nothing that makes me happier than receiving an email from a client telling me that their family is now sleeping through the night! I was once there too, just like Michelle was, feeling completely hopeless. Exhaustion prevents you from seeing a way out. Luckily, Michelle found Baby Sleep Made Simple and within 24 hours she had a concrete plan on how to teach her (adorable) 9 month-old to sleep better.  Here’s our Q & A after a few months follow-up.

What was Rome’s sleep situation when you first contacted Jilly?


“Rome was a horrible sleeper since he was born. By the time I contacted Jilly I had been sleep deprived for 9 months straight with no hope of it changing. I felt mentally unhinged, frustrated all the time and beyond exhausted.

What Jilly offered me was the confidence to follow steps that I intuitively felt would be helpful, along with steps I hadn’t yet considered. With the permission and assurance of Jilly I followed the steps and was greeted with uninterrupted sleep from my previous restless sleeper.

Months later, Rome continues to sleep through the night most of the time and if he does wake up it’s for no more than 5 minutes and then he falls back asleep without any assistance from me.”

What were you skeptical of?

“I was skeptical that the steps would require me to let him cry it out and eliminate the trust between my baby and I. Or that the steps would be unrealistic to put into action.”

What did you like most about Jilly’s program and support?


“Previously I had felt helpless and hopeless. With the sleep program and email support I felt hope returned. And when it didn’t work perfectly the first few nights, the email support provided a renewed sense of hope so I didn’t give up.”

As Michelle (and her 9 months of sleep deprivation) has shown, there’s hope for everyone! It’s common to believe that your sleep situation is too “broken” to be fixed, but I promise you- we can help. We support you where you are- whether co-sleeping, room sharing, sibling bedrooms, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, you name it. Don’t continue to suffer when there is accessible, affordable and research-backed help here for you!

Need support fixing YOUR baby’s sleep problems?

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