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No Sleep Is No Fun

When your child isn’t falling asleep, or staying asleep, life can feel overwhelming.

get baby sleeping through the night
  • Are you dealing with multiple night wakings?
  • Is your child taking forever to fall asleep?
  • Is the unpredictability of naps ruining your days?
  • Does your little one wake up way too early in the morning?
  • Have you forgotten what a good night’s sleep feels like?
  • Are you feeling drained, irritable or anxious?
  • Are you doubting your ability to find a solution?

We know how stressful it is when your little one is not sleeping well.

Hi. I’m Jilly,

Founder of Baby Sleep Made Simple.

I’m a mom of 2, international sleep coach, neonatal nurse and lactation consultant. When I became a mom I thought it would be easy breezy.  I’d been working with newborns for years!

I quickly realized that being a 24/7 parent was a completely different gig, and lack of sleep was a constant struggle. I needed to find a happy medium between “cry-it-out” – which felt uncomfortable-  and “wait it out”- which felt impossible. I couldn’t find what I needed, so I tapped into my neonatal, lactation and nursing background and created it.

My 8-month-old EBF daughter started sleeping through the night in less than a week! I started sharing what I did, tailoring it to other families, and my business was naturally born. Turns out there’s a lot of tired parents out there struggling with their children’s sleep. It doesn’t have to be this way. Since 2015, Baby Sleep Made Simple has helped more than 100,000 families find tender and responsive solutions for their sleep and over one million people visit our website each year.

Rest assured, our programs will suit your child’s personality and your family’s unique dynamic so peace and quiet becomes a regular thing in your home.

You Don’t Need To Struggle With Sleep Any Longer.

Experience a warm approach to getting babies and toddlers sleeping well, that parents love too.

  • Get your baby to sleep easily every day (and night).
  • Get a calm and relaxing sleep routine (that works)!
  • Get personalized support and tailored interventions.
  • Get access to pediatric, lactation and mom experts.
  • Feel supported, confident and fully equipped with proven steps to follow.
  • Feel reassured your little one is getting what they need.
  • Feel the magic of a good night’s sleep.

Get a solution that meets your family’s needs and is proven to get your little one sleeping well.

Easy-to-follow, Customizable Sleep Programs

Start to see changes in just a few days. Yep, that’s us, dangling the sleep carrot.

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Newborn Consultation

(0-4 months old)

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21 Days to Peace & Quiet

(5-23 months old)

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Naps: Getting Downtime in the Daytime

(6-24 months old)

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Big Kid Sleep Made Simple

(2-6 years old)

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Early Wakings No More

(all ages)

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1:1 Sleep Coaching

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Rest assured, our programs work. We have a >97% success rate, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Join parents around the world finally getting the sleep they need.

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Sleep training sounds rigid. Are your programs tough love?
No, our programs are responsive, loving and rooted in science. We give you options, because there are lots of effective sleep training methods. And we help you identify the solution that will work best for your family.
I don’t want my baby to cry it out. Will I have to?
We know your baby’s crying can pull those heartstrings. While we can’t promise zero tears, one of our custom methods is called “Minimal Tears.” We show you how to slow down sleep training to minimize resistance and crying. Many of our methods will keep you right in the room, if that’s where you want to be.
I am exhausted. How long will it take?
You can go as quickly or as slowly as you want. Our quickest method usually takes 3-5 nights to start sleeping through the night. Our middle-of-the-road methods generally take 5-14 nights. And our slowest and gentlest method that unravels sleep associations one at a time tends to take a little longer.
Can you guarantee this will work for me? My baby is so strong-willed….
We’ve been working with parents of energetic, intense, sensitive, strong-willed and determined little ones since 2015. We know what works for each personality! Sleep training cannot be one-size-fits-all, which is why our programs are ultra-customizable. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, but here’s the better news: only a small proportion of parents (3%) don’t get the results they want, and that’s usually because of an inconsistent approach.

Another Happy Client

“My daughter is 22 months and still breastfeeds. We sleep trained at 14 months. On the first night, she slept through! It went much better than I expected. I considered not sleep training because of peer pressure, but I’m so glad I did. Do what’s best for your family and don’t worry about anyone else!”

-Sarah W.

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