How to Transition Baby from DockATot to Crib


  1. Tiffany

    Hello! I have a 3 month old that thus far will only sleep in dockatot in my bed. I want to transition, but wondering if it makes more sense to try to move her to bassinet now or wait and move her to crib? (She’s not rolling as of yet!). Im hesitant of attempting 2 transitions so close together!
    Thanks in advance for any advice ! 🙂

    • Alyssa Taft

      Hello Tiffany,

      I think the choice is up to you, but I also agree that it may be easier to just do 1 transition. You can go ahead and move your LO in the crib either in your room or in her own room (whatever works best for your family)! Also, check out our 3 month old sleep guide for more helpful tips.

      Best, Alyssa, BSMS Support Team

  2. Olivia

    Hello –

    My baby was never swaddled and is rolling. Are there any tips for sleepyhead transition for this instance? Thank you

    • Micaela

      Hi Olivia, yes! Before your baby starts rolling, you can use a swaddle blanket to help him sleep well (like the Miracle Blanket or Merlin magic sleep suit.)
      Once your baby starts rolling, however, restricting his mobility and arms isn’t safe. As soon as your baby shows signs of rolling, switch him to a more traditional sleep sack like the Grobag or Halo.
      The Zipadee Zip is a great sleep sack for babies that loved being swaddled, but are now too old.
      The Love to Dream is also great because you can use it long-term. You can swaddle your young baby, and when he starts rolling you remove the arms of the sleep sack.
      All of the above sleep sacks are safe for rolling babies to wear long-term.
      Micaela BSMS Support Team

  3. Francesca

    Hello my 2 month old only wants to sleep 2-3hr stretches at night I’m trying to figure out away to get him to sleep longer he isn’t a fan of sleeping on his back and he was diagnosed with acid reflux he is currently sleeping in a pack and play and I usually put him in a sleeper and sometimes wrap a receiving blanket/swaddle him with his arms out. Please help im going back to work in a month and I’m totally sleep deprived

    • Alyssa Taft

      Hello Francesca,

      Thank you so much for your post! Those first few weeks can be exhausting! It is normal for LO’s at this age to have fragmented sleep because they are still in the “fourth trimester” phase. I would definitely check out our 2 month old sleep guide for helpful sleep tips that you can start to implement today!

      Alyssa, BSMS Support Team


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