How to get your baby to self soothe (and sleep longer stretches at night)!


  1. Mirela

    I have a 5 months old that I want to start teach him to self- sooth to sleep. We do have a bedtime routine and try to stick to same time, however our big challenge is and had always been the reflux. Because of reflux he sleeps most times on me and is only comforted by nursing. He is on medication from Paeditrician and we also
    Started him on solids at 4 months, but with little improvement. Also because of the reflux, we have been told to hold him upright at least 20 minutes, which will result in him falling asleep in my arms and missing the opportunity to fall asleep in his cot. We also
    Have a6 years old that we struggled with sleep as well because of reflux and as a result even now he will not fall asleep on his own, he needs us to read a story and cuddle until he falls asleep. We would like to do things differently with his baby brother, but I find myself getting into the same patterns. It’s quite hard on me not to comfort my baby when he wakes up in pain from reflux, but at the same time both me and my husband are exhausted and need some change.

    • Alyssa Taft

      Hello Mirela,

      We are so excited that you joined our Big Kid program for your older child! I know how exhausting it can be when your baby isn’t sleeping well AND dealing with reflux. My older daughter had reflux and I know it can be a challenge!

      You can still build a strong sleep foundation for you baby and we help many families that have to incorporate reflux precautions into their routine. We are provide you with the best support in our 21 Days to Peace and Quiet program.

      In this program we offer 4 step-by-step sleep training methods. You choose the one that feels best for your LO. We have super gentle & gradual all the way to quick & efficient. Each step of the way you get advice based on your baby’s developmental stage, energy levels, and temperament.

      Definitely click on the link below to learn all about our DIY package, Support package and VIP package!

      Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our program. We hope to get the opportunity to support your family!

      Alyssa, BSMS Support Team

  2. Sarah Dugger

    Im so glad i found your articles. My 15mo is not sleeping well at night. He wakes 7-8 times nightly…not usually hungry, just fussy. Sometimes its every 30-45 minutes. Its exhausting. He is usually rocked to sleep by my husband between 8-9 pm and takes a cup of milk before bed (while being rocked). He does take naps still…never the same amount of time or at the same time of day…but he fights them even when he seems tired and fussy. I’m sure we have ruined this baby’s sleep schedule at this point. At this point, I feel like we either have an angry tired fussy baby all day with no naps, or a miserable night of broken sleep…or both. Any suggestions???

    • Artemis

      Hi Sarah,

      We’re glad we found you, too!

      I’m so so sorry to hear that. It’s exhausting to be trapped in the cycle of bad sleep with a fussy little one.

      Honestly, the best way for your 15 month old to start loving his crib, fall asleep independently and peacefully and sleep all night long, is to join our program. It’s life changing, and it has helped thousands of parents get their little ones sleeping well:

      We would LOVE to turn your miserable nights into peaceful and restful nights. Can’t wait to work with you!
      Artemis, BSMS Support Team

  3. Devanna

    My baby is 6 months and I’d now becoming more difficult to get to sleep. Our story is basically like the one above. He used to sleep this same way and this last week he’s just becoming, it feels needy. He will scream to get me to pick him up and still scream until I put him on boob or take him outside and then he will just stop. No wind down or anything. Just stops screaming. I can’t put him down drowsy because of this screaming. All his needs are met he just wants to pacify on me. He does not use a pacifier. HELP please
    -on tired momma

    • Artemis

      Hi Devanna,

      Sorry to hear this. We help parents like you every single day in our program, and more than half of our clients get their babies sleeping peacefully and independently through the night within a week.

      Here is the link:

      We would love to work with you.
      Artemis, BSMS Support Team

  4. Kristen

    My son is 5 months old and is sleeping through the night only needing one feeding, which I guess is still normal at this point. When he wakes up I just go ahead and feed him because he goes right back to sleep, it’s hard to try anything else since we share a room and my husband works so we try not to wake him up too. He usually wakes around 8:30am and takes 30min-1.5hr naps at 11am, 2pm, and 4:30pm usually. He doesn’t fall asleep at night until about 10pm though, I try a nighttime routine around 8pm, but he doesn’t seem tired enough to fall asleep then and if he does it’s only for a short nap. For his naps he doesn’t usually get to sleep by himself, I try to put him down drowsy so he will fall asleep on his own but he usually just gets really fussy and then I just rock him and use the pacifier. For falling asleep at night, I usually end up nursing him to sleep because nothing else works at that point. Sleep hasn’t been bad since he goes to bed when we do and only wakes up once, but I want him to have better sleeping habits and earlier bedtime and I just wonder if I’m doing things wrong.

    • Artemis

      Hi Kristen,

      First of all – you’re not doing anything ‘wrong’. You’re doing your best!

      There are definitely a few schedule and routine tweaks we can make to get your little one falling asleep earlier and sleeping all through the night. You can also talk to your baby’s doctor and see if he’s ready to wean off night feeds, or if we still should hold on to that 1 night feed.

      In any case, we can help you get your baby sleeping amazingly in our program:

      I hope you join us so you can finally get a good night’s sleep, and feel more confident as a parent in regards to your baby’s sleep.
      Artemis, BSMS Support Team


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